The Friendship Thread

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#1 Post by LadyJaye » Fri Dec 19, 2014 1:48 pm

This is a place to post a list of Friends you have grown to know on the forums. You may also create a separate list of people you Respect or want to get to know better, if you wish (but please keep all lists in a single post). You may set up your list in any way you want; you can make it colorful and complicated, or simple and to the point. It's completely up to you. It's your list.

I want this one to be the nice WONDERFUL thread is was intended to be, so PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING RULES.

•YOU MAY ONLY POST HERE IF YOU ARE POSTING A FRIENDS LIST. If you are not posting a friends list, do not post. No miscellaneous posts like "why aren't I on your list" or "Maybe I'll post a list later" or "I updated my list guys, go check it out". You may not even post to say thank you. Thank you's are very nice and all, but if you want to say thank you, or respond to a list in any way shape or form, send the user a PM. Any posts that are not friends lists will be deleted to keep this thread filled with only lovely friends lists. No questions asked.
•Do not backseat moderate. If you see someone posting something other than a list, do not post in the thread letting them know they broke the rules. That is only cluttering the thread even more. If you see these kinds of posts, report it instead.
•You may only post a new friends list once a month. Don't post your list and then post another one a week later. Just make sure that if you're making a new list, at least a full month has passed since your last one. You're free to edit your current one as much as you want until then.
•Don't get upset if you aren't in someone's list. Maybe the user just doesn't know you well enough yet, or maybe they simply forgot. Should go without saying, but don't make a big deal out of it; this is meant to be a HAPPY thread to make people HAPPY so there's absolutely no reason to get upset, I promise.
•Do not make a "List of Hate" or an "Enemies List." I don't care if you have problems with other users, keep it out of here. This thread is not to be soiled with negativity.
•NO RESERVES. Don't make a post simply to "reserve" a spot for your list, it is unnecessary, either you post a list or you don't.

And to those of you who have up-to-date friends lists in the previous version, you can of course copy/paste or retype them here if you want.
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