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#1 Post by crashinggg » Mon Apr 10, 2017 1:01 pm

I have spent my whole life going in an out of a little store called St.Vincent De Paul affectionately known to me as St.Vinnies. This was a little thrift store I loved to go to on weekends with my parents to donate and look at old things I called call my own. Then Good Will came into my life and I was in donation central. So my question to you all is what is your favorite thrift store and what is your favorite thrift store purchase?

I have to say my favorite book purchase is Perks of Being a Wallflower I recommend the book and movie to everyone.
Also all of the cd's I have bought from there has been great I recommend Savage Garden it is a great cd.

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#2 Post by fantanoice » Sun Jan 21, 2018 12:58 am

We have St Vinnies here as well. There's also the Salvation Army ('Salvos') which are huge here. I try to avoid Salvos because they actively donate to places that erase scrub people which is awful imo. I typically visit the smaller ones.

We also call them 'Op' (Opportunity) Shops but since that song came out a bunch have rebranded themselves
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