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#1 Post by crashinggg » Wed Jan 17, 2018 11:59 pm

What are some of your favorite infomercials?
If you made an infomercial what would the product, be do and be named?
What are some of your least favorite infomercials?
What infomercial product would you want to buy the most?

I would watch infomercials when I was younger late at night while I was sick if there was nothing good on. I really loved the Shamwow commercials just because of the name and the ridiculous name, besides that I am not really sure which other ones really stick out to me. I really despise snuggy commercials, I get the practicalness and the product, but the commercial they had for it was just too much. If I made a product that was eligible for an infomercial it would be a towel that adjusts to the coldness of an ice pack to allow for perfect cooling of injuries, as well as absorbing the coldness in order to spread around the injury as well. For all I know there could be products like this already, but oh well. I also have no idea what I would call it haha.

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#2 Post by fantanoice » Sun Jan 21, 2018 12:39 am

The Ninja Bullet or whatever it was called (blender thing) got me to buy the thing. It's pretty neat despite me not remembering the name of it
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