Epic Story Chapter 1

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#1 Post by smallboy11 » Thu Apr 25, 2013 10:09 pm

Chapter 1;

“Ladies and Gentle-Man it is now time for the final contest is the Sinnoh League!” says the announcer. “The match will be between the undefeated Scott and Gordon! Begin!”
“Go Garchomp!” I say. Garchomp and I have been friends for a very long time I remember catching it as a Gible at Way-Ward cave.

“Go Darkrai!” commands Scott.
“Use Brick Break!” I command Brick Break is super effective it would do major damage if it did, but sadly it missed.
“Darkrai, Ice Beam!” A beam of frozen water shoots out from Darkrai’s mouth. Ice attacks do major damage on Garchomp therefore it is knocked out.
“Good try Garchomp, go Electivire!” I call. “Use Thunder-Bolt” A wave of electricity shoots out from Electivire’s hands, but again Darkrai is much too fast.
“Darkrai, use Shadow Ball!” A big black ball is launched from Darkrai’s hands at Electivire and once again it is knocked out in one hit.

This isn’t good I think to myself “Electivire return, go Torterra!” Torterra was originally Gardenia’s (2nd gym leader’s) Turtwig. She gave it to me when she decided to retire.
“Torterra don’t let Darkrai escape! Use Earthquake, Leaf Storm, Wood hammer and Frenzy Plant all at once,” this is a big risk but I have to take it I can’t afford for Darkrai to damage any more of my Pokémon.
“Darkrai deal some damage with Sludge Bomb!” A big blob of sludge and poison is hurled at Torterra it takes major Damage but manages to hang on; Torterra uses the attacks and knocks out Darkrai. However, due to recoil Torterra is knocked out. This is very bad I’m down 3 to 1.
“Torterra return, excellent work, go Empoleon!” out comes my energetic Water/Steel type. “I’m impressed you managed to defeat Darkrai, however my next Pokémon won’t be so easy, go Metagross!” Easy!? That thing was a monster. Looks like it will be a battle of the Steel Types. “Use Hydro Cannon Empoleon,” I command. Hydro cannon is Emploeon’s strongest attack hopefully it will knock out Metagross. “Use Protect Metagross!” Scott commands. Not good, this means it will do no damage and Empoleon won’t be able to move I better withdraw it.
“Return Empoleon, go Infernape!” Infernape was the first Pokémon I received from Professor Rowan, he’s my number 1 partner and we cannot be beaten easily.

“You fool! Don’t you know Metagross is also a Psychic Type, you have no chance.”
“Yes I do, Infernape is much faster so can knock out Metagross before it can even attack! Use Flame-Thrower,” A beam of flames is launched at Metagross hitting it directly. “Stay strong Metagross use Psychic!” Metagross glows a dark blue and suddenly, Flame-Thrower is turned around and knocked straight into Infernape, however it doesn’t do much damage. “Use Close Combat Infernape!” Infernape runs in as it prepares for its strongest Fighting Type attack. “Use Psychic again Metagross,” Infernape is stopped in its tracks as it begins to punch itself. “But how? Infernape isn’t confused,” “Correct, but with psychic, Metagross can control Infernape,” laughs Scott. “Now Metagross, smash Infernape into the ceiling than bring it down and use Aerial Ace!” Infernape is smashed straight into the ceiling than is slayed with Aerial Ace. “Return Infernape, you’re up again Empoleon!” I had to retrieve Infernape or else he would have been defeated. “Use Hydro Pump Empoleon!”
“This match has dragged out long enough, no more playing around Use Brick Break!” Metagross swiftly dodges the Hydro Pump, and smashes its leg straight into Empoleon knocking it out. “Argh, this is very bad, Empoleon return go Glaceon!” Glaceon happily skips out of its Poke-ball “Use Brick Break Metagross!” within a matter of seconds Glaceon is knocked out. The crowd is going wild, I have to beat 5 Pokémon with a half dead Infernape, it seems impossible but I won’t give up. “Go Infernape!”
“Use Aerial Ace Metagross!” commands Scott. Infernape is slayed across the chest “Take the hits Infernape!”
“If you won’t fight back, I’ll take the crown; use Aerail Ace over and over!” Infernape is hit 7 times when it finally falls to one leg. ‘One more should do it,” But before Metagross can attack Infernape’s ability Blaze is activated perfect, just what I wanted. “Use Flame-Thrower Infernape!” before Meetagross can back off, it is hammered with a layer of flames, and thankfully it is knocked out. “You still have 4 more Pokemon to beat, you can’t win, Go Drapion!”
“Use Flare Blitz Infernape!” Infernape charges in as it is surrounded in blue flames. “Dodge it Drapion and use Posion Tail!” Drapion dodges easily and catches Infernape in its tail. Infernape is filled with poison and slammed into the ground. “Infernape is unable to battle! The winner of the Sinnoh League is Scott,”

I can’t believe I lost, the match I had to win.
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Amazing!!! I am just a biggest fan of Chapter 1!! it is truly divine and attractive too.