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Pokemon Ophiderin and Calinae {RP} (Accepting, Not Started)

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#1 Post by LadyJaye » Fri Dec 19, 2014 3:59 pm

Welcome to the beautiful region of Aedia. There are so many new Pokémon to discover and exciting new Gym Leaders to battle. There are even rumors of two unknown legendary Pokemon called Forzien and Riylius. However, there have been sightings of a mysterious group that calls themselves Team Noctuid. You need not worry about them for the time being, though. Make sure to visit Professor Maple in Alboma Town to start your journey!

Town Map:
Alboma Town – Professor Maple’s Lab
•Route 1
•Dinawa Town – Pokemon Center/Mart
•Route 2
Arctiis City – Pokemon Center/Mart; Flying Gym: Daius
•Route 3
•Arctiis Forest
Dulcistr City - Pokemon Center/Mart; Anura, Inc.; Trainers’ School; Ghost Gym: Ilia
•Route 4
•Trinse Path
•Funesti Town - Pokemon Center/Mart; Contest Hall; Acron Docks; Marina
•Route 5
Hollina City - Pokemon Center/Mart; Fairy Gym: Eilye
•Route 6
Kumato Town - Pokemon Center/Mart; Steel Gym: Lyros
•Route 7
•Kumato Tunnel
•Lemelis Town - Pokemon Center/Mart; Contest Hall; Ethmia’s Lab
•Route 8
Perdicie City - Pokemon Center/Mart; Ground Gym: Vitx
•Route 9
•Mt. Firtal
Culanu City - Pokemon Center/Mart; Culanu Museum; Contest Hall; Marina
•Route 10
•Keari Falls
Motonae City - Pokemon Center/Mart; Motonae Laboratories; Normal Gym: Yvali
•Route 11
•Mt. Chrysal
Xelas City - Pokemon Center/Mart; Chioid Cave; Fighting Gym: Seln
•Route 12
•Gelea Cavern
Sericea City – Victory Road
•Route 13
Pokemon League – Grass: Qurin, Electric: Wylai, Poison: Bivea, Ice: Keenyl, Champion (Fire): Ulyso
•Diina Shrine

Adventure Rules:
1. All Poliwager Forum rules apply.
2. No God-Moding.
3. No Spam(-ing).
4. Stay Active, please!
5. Grammar is important.
6. 5 Sentences/7 Lines is strictly enforced. This means detailed sentences!
7. Romance: Anything PG-13.
8. Put "Moths?" in your bio so I know you read these.
9. You may have two of each character (2 teens and 2 Team Noctuid characters).
10. To reserve, you must PM me.
11. No Mary Sues!
12. No legendaries (yet), but you are allowed ONE mega evolution (well, the Pokemon. You can have the stone, but you are a beginner Pokemon trainer).
13. You can participate in Contests and battle Gym Leaders. Specify in 'Other' section.

Trainer Card:
Name: First and last
Age: -teen, any above 18 for Team Gen
Appearance: Picture or detailed description (Uniform for Team Noctuid)
Personality: Detailed
Backstory: Detailed
Rank: If Team Noctuid Grunt, Admin, etc.
Mega Item: If you have it, teen only. i.e Mega Ring, bracelet, etc.
Pokémon: Pre-evolved - no matter what (second evolution if admin). Basically a starter Pokemon for teens.
Level: Under 6 for teen. Under 16 for grunt. Under 21 for admin.
Moveset: 3 TMs or Egg Moves
Team Jayme, Smiles, and Florcario all the way!

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#2 Post by LadyJaye » Fri Dec 19, 2014 3:59 pm

Team Jayme, Smiles, and Florcario all the way!

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#3 Post by Chaze the Chat » Wed Apr 29, 2015 8:21 pm

So much work was put into this...
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