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Evee and Nyan(My Fanfiction)

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#1 Post by Logan » Tue Feb 12, 2013 10:45 pm

Evee Meets Nyan (Fanfiction By Me)
One Day A Evee was walkin around in the cosmos and then it found a door it opened and gas filled the metel lab Logan:Oh a kitty a fluffy one too.Evee:Meow :D Logan:Can i test on you for my teleporter Evee:{This was removed because all of the things evee said was so repulsive i would get sent to jail and the fbi would have to brain wash you} *Puts Evee in Teleporter* Evee:M-M-Meeoow :mcgreen: Logan:Oh No
King of cosmos:Oh a kitty your just like my daughter nyan ill go and get Evolution stones from the drugstore so your a good kitty go play with my daughter.-At This part The Nyan and Evee Will Be Translated-
Evee:Hey Wadja Doin Nyan Nyan:Nothing Wait why arnet you colorfull Evee:I Dont know i was borned brown Nyan: Thats alright im a rainbow my stages incude brown and Tan.Evee: :D Nyan:Hey What Do You do Evee:Sleep Eat Explore Nyan:Me Too My Father is king of the cosmos and i eat candy and junk food Evee:When Will Your Dad be here Nyan:Anytime Here Evee:Why is he buying Evolution Stones Nyan:A Welcome Present KingOfCosmos:Here Evee Its safe *gives Box of evouultion stones to Evee. Evee:So i eat all of these *mmm Taste like candy* Nyan:Your a Rainbow just like meeeee*Flys across house* Evee:Woha Cool i feel Amazing King of cosmos:bye bye i will be eating a Mew-two Bye :twisted: Byedad Bye Nyan:Its Time Too Rest Evee:*yawn* yeah And They Lived Hapily ever after :)

Do Not Copy this novel its awesomeness will eat you if you do copy(Well not like mine like with Diffrent things).I Dont own Evee Or Nyan Or Long list of pepole i used Pokemon And other pepole to XD
:D My Eggs Are Unhatched So Can You ummmm I Dont know Shake it up and break it with a hammer for me :lol: