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College Football

This forum is for talking about any kinds of sports.
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#1 Post by Jolteon » Thu Aug 22, 2013 9:53 am

Anyone follow it? The opener is a week from today, with Minnesota vs. UNLV and Indiana vs. Indiana State at 7 p.m. Not the greatest games ever, but it beats the offseason.

Personally, I'm a rabid Michigan State fan, hopefully if the offense can get it together they'll be in the conference championship game again.

What about everyone else? Are our resident Wisconsinites Badger fans?
CHAZE used A BIT OF PROPER GRAMMER! It doesn't affect wild SNEAKACHU...
SMEEL used SHOTGUN! Critical Hit!
SLIX used CHARM! A wild BABE appeared!
STONE used MY LITTLE PONY! It's super effective!
AQUIL used RIBS! Foe WORLD fainted!
A wild GLUTTONY appeared! PIRATICE fainted!
A wild OC appeared! POLIWAGER fainted!