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#1 Post by Asha » Fri Dec 02, 2016 4:00 am

Hi all,

Does anyone here play the football manager series?

I started playing them in 2010 and Laurz recently brought me the latest one :D :D

I started my career this year with Stirling Albion in the Scottish Lower Leagues, we struggled for the first half the season teetering on relegation and then somehow we revitalised in the second half of the season to get a promotion spot, followed that up by winning the play offs and getting promoted. Possibly one of the most fun and interesting seasons I've had on any football manager game. Following our promotion we looked to sign two new players that would definitely help in securing our place in this new league, however bad news was to come, the club became subject to a takeover bid and as a result a two week transfer embargo was placed on us meaning I couldn't sign these two players, two other clubs came in and took them. Annoyed and angry were two emotions I was definitely feeling... my resignation as manager of Stirling Albion arrived a day later.

Looking back I was probably just annoyed with the way the whole takeover had planned out, both these players were having great pre season on trial with us and it wound me up that I couldn't sign them. With that said on to new and better things. I was now searching for a new managerial role. I decided (along with Laurz' persistence) that the English leagues would be next port of call. I sent out a few applications and I got a few interviews but nothing worth following through. Finally Dover offered me a contract in the December 2017, I thought this could be a good stepping stone, however I had just had an interview with a small club called Chester in the same league as Dover. Now Chester has more appeal to me as Laurz currently studies at the university there. This seemed like an ideal little club, I smashed the interview and were just waiting to hear back from them. So I delayed the Dover negotiations by a week. Nothing from Chester came, so I delayed Dover one more week. On the day Dover came back saying look we need an answer, Chester came in with a contract I couldn't refuse, I graciously accepted Chester's offer and I am now the manager of Chester FC.

On my first day in the job I had a look at the finances... not good... really not good. No money to spend, debt starting to set in and a huge wage budget. That is when I realised, this is going to be the hardest job I have taken in my 6 years of playing football manager.

This is where we are currently in my Journeyman FM Career.

Is anyone interested in future posts with possibly more detail?


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