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#1 Post by crashinggg » Sun Jan 21, 2018 1:41 pm

What are some of your favorite video game puzzles?
Do you remember how long it took you to get past it?
What game was it?
Do you prefer lots of puzzles or a small amount of puzzles in a video game?
What is the hardest puzzle you have ever tried to solve?
Did you ever give up and never pick the game up again? :P

I am currently playing Zelda Oracle of Seasons and it is so far an awesome game that consists of a lot of puzzles! I do enjoy puzzles in video games, I like the possibility of getting stuck and needing to try many methods to get out or get through the situation because it challenges me. Since I have not played many games with puzzles or have been playing Oracle of Seasons for too long I am not sure what the hardest puzzle is or will be, but I am excited. I have yet to give up on a video game I am too stubborn.

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