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What's your favorite Pokémon? Favorite Generation? Like the anime or manga? Talk about general Pokémon stuff here!
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The elusive Legendary Pokemon. Surrounded by myths and mystery, they are prized among Trainers for their rarity and power. Here is a place where you can discuss your war stories about how you captured a Lugia with the one Poke Ball that you had left or your prized Shiny Suicune that you spent 4 hours SR-ing. Or perhaps you had really good luck with catching your Legendary and only needed one Ultra Ball to catch it at medium health (Hey, it could happen...) We all can gather round and share with each other inspiration and encouragement for finding that precious Legendary!

This Club's mascot is Mew, one of the most well known and well loved Legendary. Of course, even if you don't like Mew, please still join the club as it's purpose is to celebrate all Legendary Pokemon and their unique qualities.

1. Please do follow all of the Poliwager rules! This means, no double-posting, no thread hi-jacking, or anything of the sort! We want this club to be a happy and lively place, so do keep these rules in mind, please.

2. Please do be respectful! I, and everyone else I am sure of, would prefer if you respected all members of the Legendary Clan. This also means; no flaming, no spamming, or any other disrespectful thing for that matter, as I said above, we want this to be a happy place.

3. Please do stay active here in the Legendary Clan! This rule is quite important. If you're going to go inactive for any period of time, please do let us know so we can keep you on the Member list. Usually, Members will be removed for inactivity after two weeks, unless they have given notice. If you go inactive from the club a certain amount of times, you could even get banned, so please do watch out for that.

4. Do not beg if you'd like to become a Co-Leader please, or a general staff member of the Legendary Clan for that matter. This rule is also very important. We will not be having Members who begged to be a Co-Leader, become a Co-Leader. I, as the leader of the Legendary Clan, will be closely monitoring Members, to see if they are worthy of becoming a Staff here at the 'Clan. So, you may get the chance one day!

5. Since this is a Club for Legendary Pokemon in particular, I would prefer if you kept the topic on Legendaries. Pokemon is also fine, but please don't go beyond that.

6. If you aren't an existing member, put "Master Mew" in the "Other" of your application if you plan on joining please, to prove you have read the rules. If you don't put the code word into your post, sadly we will have to deny you. But don't worry!~ As long as you edit your post to include the code word, or if you re-apply with the code word, we will accept you.

7. Please don't post in the Legendary Clan without being a part of the club or without applying first! This rule is quite important, because I, and the other Staff Members of the Legendary Clan, do need to be aware of who is a Member and who isn't. If you went inactive from the club for a week or more, chances are, you were put on the "Inactive" list. If you were put on the Inactive list (or if you're not in the Members list or Inactive list at all) please do re-apply!

8. Not exactly a rule in particular, but please have fun in the Legendary Clan, and include everyone! ♥ This rule isn't exactly a rule as it says, but it would be awesome to see all of you having fun! Enjoy your time here and have fun!

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