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#1 Post by Migoto » Thu Jan 26, 2012 8:38 pm

Sooo I started a new game on Emerald and I'm trying to create a good team for the Frontier (and game in general). So far I have:

-double kick

-ice beam

-leaf blade


-wing attack


So far my weakest pokemon's kind of my grovyle. Poor defense, pitiful attack, low HP. Is it worth keeping it and training it or should I go for a different grass pokemon? Or a different type altogether since I have water + thunder against rock. And I'm thinking of replacing bagon with metagross (eventually). Is Salamence > Metagross?
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#2 Post by Gluttony » Fri Jan 27, 2012 1:39 am

For the Frontier?

Well, your (eventual) Swampert and Salamence will be useful. The rest, I'm sad to say, will likely be able to do very little. The species simply aren't as good, unfortunately.

I'd give you a long list of suggestions (showcasing my massive geekyness in the process) but it's kind of 2:30AM and I'd much rather sleep. If you'd like, I can look up some good frontier-worthy Pokemon tomorrow, or another day.

In terms of your final question however (since it's relatively easy to answer) yes Salamence is better than Metagross in most ways. That being said, a Metagross is still likely better than all 5 other members of your team.