I am so incredibly lucky!

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#1 Post by King_Radbod » Fri Apr 15, 2016 10:00 pm

Today, something absolutely amazing happened. I was playing pixelmon, which is an awesome pokemon mod for minecraft, and I was exploring. I headed into a desert biome, and saw something that caught my eye. A volcarona, but something was up. I thought to myself, "no way.. that's a boss*1 volcarona right?..." As I further approached it, it sparkled. I had encountered a shiny volcarona! I stared in aww, and then noticed, it was level 64. There was no way I could catch that. I was determined to catch it though, so I started spamming pokeballs at it. I really wanted it, even though it broke out with no problem. Suddenly, on one of my last few pokeballs, I thought the game froze. I exploded into happiness when I saw the words, "Volcarona has been caught!". I immediately went into google, and found that the odds of volcarona spawning in the first place are 0.816% percent. I marveled at that, then did the math ( 1 / 8192 = 0.0001220703125). After that, I multiplied that by Volcarona's spawn rate (0.816 x 0.0001220703125). If the math is correct, the odds of a shiny volcarona spawning are 0.000099609375.
There goes my good luck for the next 20 years, I'm never going to be lucky again! xD

*1 - Boss pokemon in pixelmon are different colored pokemon that are always higher levels than the highest on your team, and drop items when defeated.
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