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#1 Post by tpf » Wed Aug 09, 2017 10:46 pm

Currently it's nearly impossible to know what pokemon we're missing for our pokedex (unless we go through every page, which is a pain just going through some of them), can you add a 'view all' or 'view #001-#050' (or something like that)" for example:
#000 Species OT Owned On-site Shinies owned Shinies on-site
#001 Bulbasaur 1 4 438 0 0
#002 Ivysaur 1 1 79 0 0

Or maybe just owned (all owned, not just OT) / total (Easier/faster to understand):
#000 Species Normal Shinies
#001 Bulbasaur 4/438 0/0
#002 Ivysaur 1/79 0/0

Maybe "View owned" and "View missing" (or some other wording) as well.

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#2 Post by Slix » Wed Aug 09, 2017 11:09 pm

Thanks for the suggestions!

I've actually been tossing the idea around of an actual "Dex" completion list, that would be future-proofed more than the current one, which only shows how many of the ones you currently have (for example, it says right now you don't have a Bulbasaur if you evolved it). I do like the idea of having a big master list of all the dex in addition to that. I think I'd have to do the dex list for each user first before I make what you suggested, though.

Thanks though, I'll be sure to keep it in mind for the near future. :)

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