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#1 Post by Slix » Wed Jul 01, 2015 1:19 pm

Well guys, we have a total of 4 entries for the Summer 2015 Fan Fiction Contest! This is the voting thread, so you can read all the entries and vote for your favorite one! Please remember to keep up the fun spirit of this contest by voting for the one you enjoyed the best, not necessarily just because it was your own!

The entries are as follows:

A Summer, A Song, A Sand Pail

Jeremy, Alex, Steve, and Andrea were sitting around in Jeremy and Andrea’s basement, playing with their Pokémon one late Monday night during the summer of 2015.
“Hey, did you guys hear about the new concert festival that’s coming to the Lake Michigan beach?” Steve asked, knowing that everyone there would likely be interested in such an event.
“No, when is it? Who’s gonna be there?” Jeremy asked, excitement in his eyes.
“It starts this weekend, want to go? I think I saw The Colourist on top op the lineup list.”
“Absolutely!” everyone cheered.
“Poli!” said Jeremy’s Poliwag, Alfred.
“Puff!” replied Alex’s Jigglypuff, Alice.
“Farr!” agreed Steve’s Farfetch’d, Albert.
“Chika!” Andrea’s Chikorita, Evergreenn also liked that idea.
“I think our Pokémon are getting hungry!” Steve said.
Jeremy’s mom called down, “Dinner’s ready, Als and Jeremy’s friends! The Kraft dinner is all ready for you guys!” Jeremy’s mom knew to economize on energy savings by calling the three Pokémon with one name.


Jeremy, Alex, Steve, Andrea, and their Pokémon met at the beach that following Friday afternoon. As they looked around, they saw various bands beginning to set up their equipment on the sand. Most of the main bands were set to start playing at 7:00 pm, so they had plenty of time to hang out on the beach beforehand.
“Let’s head over to the concession stand and get some drinks and maybe settle down in the sand before things start.” Jeremy suggested.
They headed over to get some drinks. Jeremy got a Diet Dr. Pepper, Alex and Steve got a Cherry Fanta, and Andrea got a Kiwi Strawberry Snapple, and they each got Fresh Waters for their Pokémon. Steve’s Farfetch’d, Albert, went for a quick soar into the cool air over the lake, while Andrea’s Chikorita, Evergreenn went to run along below him. After settling down for a little while on the towels they had brought along, something caught Jeremy’s Poliwag, Alfred’s big eyes. Alfred had noticed what looked like a fun-loving Wooper from down the beach. Alfred went running.
“Wait!” Jeremy called out, but Alfred was already too far away.
“Just let him go have fun,” Alex laughed, “He’ll be back soon enough.”
“But will he be ok?” Jeremy sounded concerned.
“Do you even listen to me?” Alex responded, then chuckled. “He’ll be fine.”


Alfred had encountered a Wooper named Wendy that belonged to a young girl wearing tie-dye named Kara with long brown hair.
“Pol!” Alfred greeted her and her trainer with a kind smile.
“Woop!” Wendy pushed her sand pail toward Alfred, hinting that she wanted him to play in the sand with her.
“Go ahead Wendy, go play!” Kara grinned.
Wendy and Alfred went off to play in the sand right by the water. As they played, sunshine began to fade away and the music began to start. They were closest to The Colourist, which Alfred knew that Jeremy liked, so he nudged at Wendy to go find them. Wendy wanted to get Kara first, so she could enjoy the music too, so they went to retrieve her.
Alfred led Kara and Wendy to where Jeremy, Alex, Steve, and Andrea and their Pokémon were. After introducing themselves, Wendy and Alfred began to tell them about the music. Since people understand Pokémon so perfectly, they got the memo about The Colourist right away. They walked along the sandy beach to where The Colourist were performing, and arrived just as they started playing “Little Games”.
Jeremy said to Kara, “Yo, I used to think that this song would never be on the radio, but then I heard it once! It was crazy! Do you like this kind of music?”
Kara said back to Jeremy, “Yeah, this is pretty good!”
The night went on, and The Colourist played a bunch of their other songs. Everyone and their Pokémon danced around during “Tonight (Young Hearts)”. When “Put the Fire Out” came on, Alfred and Wendy began to use Water Gun on the nearest fire they could find, because they wanted to be the life of the party.
Finally, The Colourist played “Stray Away”, arguably the most romantic song on the lineup. Kara and Jeremy locked eyes for the first time that night during the song. Wendy and Alfred also locked eyes. They would have locked hands too, but neither of the two Pokémon even had hands. However, Kara and Jeremy did lock hands at this point, because they both did have hands.
At this point, Alex, Steve, and Andrea were beginning to notice Jeremy and Kara.
Steve, trying to break the awkward tension between everyone, asked, “Is it me, or does it feel like July?”
“Shh! They’re so cute! And look at their Pokémon!” Alex pointed out.
Wendy and Alfred were dancing slowly together, singing in their own little Pokémon way.
Andrea replied to Steve, “I don’t know man, I think she’s pretty cool. She likes tie-dye. Tie-dye is awesome.”
The music ended, and Maya, the drummer from The Colourist, said, “Thanks guys, have a good night!”
Kara looked at Jeremy, saying, “I don't know you very well, we just met! But I want to get to know you. Can we meet for coffee sometime soon maybe? Feel free to say no.”
Jeremy didn't like coffee in the slightest, but a date with a girl? Of course he’d say yes! He began to reply, as his iPod rang. It was Kyle.
“One second Kara.” Jeremy answered the FaceTime call. “Yes?”
“Did you hear that there’s a big concert thing coming to the beach?” Kyle is always at least 15 minutes late to everything.
“Yes Kyle, I did. Can I call you later?”
Jeremy got back to Kara, “I think we can plan a date! Our Pokémon would probably love it too, they had fun today!”
“It’s a date!” Kara smiled.
Steve, Andrea, and Alex, and their Pokémon all smiled at the two couples standing next to them, one human, one Pokémon. Alfred and Wendy were eager to get to play in the sand again another day.

Steve! Hey Steve! Steveeee! Jeremy had called Steve for the millionth time this year, and for some reason Steve usually answered the phone. It was always the same thing too.
“Steve, I want to go to Japan!”
“I know!”
“Great, when are we going?” (It had been one of Jeremy’s dreams to go to Japan to see the official Pokemon store, and quite possibly buy everything in the store.”)
“Jeremy! Going to Japan costs a lot of money, which neither of us have, as we are college students. Plus it’s the middle of the school year”
Jeremy ignored this, he was determined to get the money to go to Japan.
“Steve, I have a plan!”
“Is this the plan where you drop out of school to become a raindrop, because if it is I already told you it’s not possible.”
“Nope! Jeremy squeaked abruptly hanging up the phone, and running to his friend Alex’s dorm.
Jeremy pounded on Alex’s door, making some of her Maze posters fall off her door.
“Coming.” Alex answered half asleep, she had just woken up from a nap.
“Oh hey Jeremy!”
Without greeting Alex, Jeremy went right into his plan.
“Let’s drop out of school, and become professional birdwatchers!”
Alex was about to close the door on Jeremy, when Jeremy side-stepped his way in. In a (Do you have five minutes to talk about Christ way?)
“Jeremy! You’re crazy go away!”
Why were people always saying this to him? Jeremy thought as a single tear rolled down his eye. He quickly wiped it away before Alex could notice.
“Wait! Let me explain! This is actually a good idea!”
“Like that time you told me I could drop out of school and become glitter?” “That didn’t work out too well.”

“I can’t believe you actually did that!” Jeremy giggled.
“So what’s your new brilliant idea with this bird watching thing?”
Jeremy didn’t have to say much to convince Alex it would be a great idea. Mostly because she had always really wanted to go to Japan, especially to go visit her best friend, Hazuki.
“Okay, I’m in!”
“Wait really?” asked Jeremy. He never thought his planned would work.
“I can’t believe it!” “You’re not crazy!” “I mean you are, but….”
Jeremy just stood with a creepy smile on his face, as he stared at Alex’s signed picture of Tyler Oakley.
Alex tapped Jeremy on the shoulder “So how are we going to find this bird?” “What was it called again?”
“Huh… oh it’s called a Quetzal!” Jeremy whipped out his iPod to show Alex a picture.
“Oh, so cute!”
“Bye bye” whispered Jeremy under his breath.
“It was last seen in Michigan, which means!”
“Road trip!” They shouted in unison.
They left that night, after Jeremy had stabbed himself with his insulin shot.
On the way to Michigan they played “Blurryface” on repeat.
“Used to play pretend give each other different names, we would build a rocket ship, and then fly it far away”……they sang.
After finding a wayside that wasn’t closed, they slept and waited for it to be morning. It was still dark out when they had entered Michigan.
When they woke up they noticed that the wayside was right by a beach. The ray of sunshine shown on Jeremy, the symbol of another idea entering Jeremy’s brain.
“Alex, Alex!!!! Wake up!”
Alex sprang out of her sleep hitting the car horn in the process, making her jump even more.
“Yay! You’re awake!” “Look over there!” shouted Jeremy.
“Wait do you see a Quetzal!”
“No….but I see a beach, and you know what that means!”
Alex was still half asleep when he asked so she didn’t really understand what he was getting at.
“Were at a beach in Michigan!!!
“Michigan Beach!!!!!”
“We need to record the monologue!”
Just as Jeremy had gotten the last word out a quetzal flew by. Alex didn’t know what to do at this point, film the monologue or take a picture of the quetzal.
“We need to get the quetzal!”
Jeremy took out a Pokeball, he had carried in his backpack.
“What are you…..”
Before Alex could finish her sentence Jeremy had chucked the Pokeball at the bird.
“This is not how birdwatching works!” “You just need to capture it in a photograph!”
Jeremy had such good aim he had almost killed the quetzal but just missed. Luckily Alex was able to get a photograph of the Quetzal flying next to the Pokeball. She sent the photo in, and was immediately contacted. A company in Japan had wanted to buy the photograph to use in advertising, and wanted them in Japan as soon as possible.
“We’re going to Japan!”
“You want to shake hands?”
“No, were going to Japan!” “Do you even listen to me?”
Alex drove to the airport, and on the way Jeremy contacted Steve. Steve’s plan of vlogging what he ate for the South Koreans people hadn’t gotten very successful, so he was not able to go along.
“Op.” Steve cried.
The flight was uneventful, Jeremy climbed in the trash and pretended to be Trubbish.
Once they got the airport, Alex’s friend Hazuki greeted them.
“This is Jeremy.”
“Oh that’s Jeremy, the boy who keeps asking me complex questions about Pokemon. “Just because I’m Japanese doesn’t mean I know everything about Pokemon.”
“Can you take us to the Pokemon store?”
“I don’t see why you don’t just go buy a real Pokemon.
“A real Pokemon? Jeremy cried! “What?”
“Didn’t you hear, the creators of Pokemon created a machine that make Pokemon real.”
Jeremy ran down the street and immediately adopted a Poliwag, along with a Charmander for Steve.
They all spent a few days in Japan hanging out and trying to teach Snoopwag how to walk properly in the sand along the ocean. Snoopwag tripped over a sand pail and knocked himself upside down. Jeremy picked him up and gave him a hug.
It was time to go home, and for some reason Charmander didn’t end up setting the airplane on fire. If he had Jeremy would have had just zipped it up like he wasn’t impending doom. That’s how he dealt with most of the events of his life.

“Where’s my sandpail?!” cried Wooper. The sandpail was very important to him. Afterall, he was a sandpail wooper. He never went anywhere without his favorite sandpail.

Today though, he couldn’t seem to find it anywhere! He’d been looking all over the beach since the sun had risen, but still no luck. Wooper was just about to give up looking when he spotted it. It wasnt sitting in the sand or floating in the water though.

A poliwag was building a sandcastle with it.

“Hey!” Wooper shouted, “that’s mine!” He began running towards the Poliwag right as it looked up to see who was shouting.

Fear hit the poliwag and he got up and ran towards the water.

“Wait!” Wooper called,”Where are you going? Le’mme talk to you!”

Finally the poliwag slowed to a stop and slowly turned around. Wooper caught up and stood there, catching his breath. Wooper stood there, tring to decide what to say, when it was the poliwag who opened his mouth first.

“WANT TO BE FRIENDS?!” He cried excitedly.

“.... Um…. what?”

“Friends. F-R-I-E-N-D-S. Friends. I’ve never had one before.” Poliwag says, jumping up and down.

“But you stole my sandpail….” Wooper began, “why would I want to be around a theft?”

“I just wanted to build a castle. I wasn’t gonna keep it forever.”

“I bet you were!” Wooper argued.

“No I wasn’t. I promise. Here, to make it up to you, I’ll buy you a new sandpail….” Poliwag offered.

Wooper’s eyes widened and a huge smile slid across his face. “Thanks!” He cried, “Let’s go!”

The two walked off, as the sunshine lit up the beach, and bought a sandpail.

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I do not want to pick favorites, so I don't think I'm going to vote. Good luck, everyone!
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Just one more week to vote! Get your votes in now!

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JigglyPuffSurviver is the winner! Please PM me for your prize!

Do you want to POKéMON with me?
Do you not know? Have you not heard? The Lord is an eternal God, the creator of the whole earth. He does not get tired or weary; there is no limit to his wisdom.
- Isaiah 40:28