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Also be sure to read the rules of the forums here! Last updated on April 7, 2015.
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Since we want Poliwager to remain fun and enjoyable for all ages, there are a few rules to follow to ensure that the fun continues!

1. No spamming, bashing, or flaming anyone.
We don't want anyone's feelings hurt. Flaming or bashing include making fun of a member for any reason that is uncalled for.
Spam includes:
Short posts under 3 words.
Annoying posts.
Anything not relevant to the topic.

2. Do not double post, use the edit button instead.
This is considered spam. If you have an art topic or have something relevant to the topic but it's been a while, you're allowed to bump it, however.

3. Do not "mini-mod".
Meaning, do not try to do the job of a moderator or admin to tell other users what rules they are breaking or what they should be doing to follow the rules. Instead, use the report post button at the bottom of the post so a moderator can handle it.

4. Do NOT post inappropriate images or links.
Sex related, illegal activities, and other things that aren't appropriate for a PG Forum are not allowed. We do have younger members here.

5. We allow swearing, but not too much.
Swear words will be censored. Do not try to censor bypass. You may turn off censors in your User Control Panel.

6. Do not give out any personal information.
Do not tell anyone your password. You are responsible for your account.

7. Signatures.
Signatures can be changed by going to User Control Panel -> Profile -> Signature. Your signature can have links, images, and text, but has to follow the rules of no inappropriate images, links, or text.
Your signature can have images in it up to 500x300. You have 512 characters to put in your signature.

8. Avatars.
Avatars can be changed by going to the User Control Panel -> Profile -> Avatar.
Avatars can be 150x150 pixels and must follow the same rules for Signatures (above).

9. Spoilers.
The spoiler tag should be used for excessively large images, or when spoilers for an event, game, or announcement are posted. Please use common courtesy for others and don't spoil things for users that don't want to be spoiled.

Anyone breaking rules continuously will be sandboxed (you need to have a mod approve your posts before they get posted) or banned (blocked) from the forums!

If you see anyone breaking the rules, please report the post by using the 'Report' button in the lower right corner of the post, or PM Slix, or a mod.

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