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I hope you all had a great time hunting for giant pumpkins last month! Now, onto another fun month!

This month is Poliwager.net's 9th birthday month! To celebrate, on November 27th, there will be a 4x multiplier and an Event Ticket for Shaymin!

On top of that, this month will be the classic Parcel event! Starting now, you may adopt any egg you'd like, hatch it, and give it a Parcel, which you can purchase from the Poké Mart for only 200 Poké Dollars! Your Pokémon must have an Obtained date of at least November 1, 2017 to hold a Parcel. You may attach your Parcel to your Pokémon through the My Pokémon page, any time after it has hatched. To win a prize egg at the end of the month, your Pokémon must be at least Level 15. So get out there and interact with some Pokémon and warm up some eggs and as always, continue to post your Pokémon image codes on Poliwager Forums and elsewhere online to help raise your Pokémon during the month!

There are also a chance that you'll receive a better prize egg based on the following conditions:

  • The Pokémon must be at least Level 15 to participate. You may attach the Parcel to your Pokémon beginning at Level 1, but it will only count at the end of the month if it reached at least Level 15. Any level beyond that might influence the prize as well.
  • The Pokémon must be obtained after 12:00 am of November 1, 2017 (according to its Obtained date on its Stats page) and originally obtained and hatched by you.
  • The amount of views the Pokémon has might have some influence on your prize.
  • How many times the Pokémon has evolved might have some influence on your prize.
  • The Pokémon's IVs might have some influence on your prize.
  • The Pokémon's rarity might have some influence on your prize.
  • The happiness of the Pokémon might have some influence on your prize.
  • Whether the Pokémon is shiny might have some influence on your prize.

The prize eggs will be the last few formes of Unown that haven't been given out for events, so be sure to get your Parcel Pokémon up to Level 15 by the end of the month to get those Unown for your Pokédex! Good luck!

Requirements for winning a prize egg

  • You may only obtain one of the eggs that will be given out, per event.
  • There will be as many of each event Pokémon given out as there are eligible participants.
  • You will find the egg on the main Adopt page, not in your party right away, so keep searching until you find it.
  • You will be the only one able to see your egg, so there's no rush in trying to get your egg before someone else.
  • You do not need to be online when I run the script to release the Pokémon, you just must complete the above requirements.


Do you want to POKéMON with me?
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Post Tue Oct 31, 2017 11:06 pm 
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