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January 2018 Event!

Read the newest announcments to the Poliwager Adoptables here!
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#1 Post by Slix » Mon Jan 01, 2018 12:27 am

Happy New Year!

Welcome to the beginning of 2018! It's gonna be a great year. To start things off, we'll have a Relic Collecting Event! This month, if you collect at least 100 Relics of any color, you'll receive a prize egg at the end of the month! You can sometimes find Relics by interacting with Pokémon and eggs, and by adopting new eggs! You can see how many you've obtained so far on the top of the site near where your Poké Dollars icon is, or by going to your profile.

Best of luck finding your Relics this month! Share your progress here on Poliwager Forums if you want to get some additional experience and egg steps for posting your image codes here!

Requirements for winning a prize egg

  • You may only obtain one of the eggs that will be given out, per event.
  • There will be as many of each event Pokémon given out as there are eligible participants.
  • You will find the egg on the main Adopt page, not in your party right away, so keep searching until you find it.
  • You will be the only one able to see your egg, so there's no rush in trying to get your egg before someone else.
  • You do not need to be online when I run the script to release the Pokémon, you just must complete the above requirements.


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