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#1 Post by LordStumpy » Sun Apr 03, 2016 2:56 pm

I haven't seen much, or any, speculation pertaining to the newly announced Pokémon games. So, how do you all feel about it? Is Pokémon beginning to become too strained out? Or do you think they'll make it into something original?

On another note, what are some cool Pokémon ideas of your own that you'd like to see. Maybe a new idea for a Pokémon? Or even new game play mechanics.

P.S. If this is in the wrong section, feel free to move it ^~^

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#2 Post by King_Radbod » Thu Apr 14, 2016 12:32 pm

I heard about some fake Coro-Coro leaks that were sent out about the game. As I was watching the video, I noticed that there was a crocodile like water type pokemon, and I thought "Nintendo wouldn't make another totodile..right?". He later revealed the leaks were indeed fake because they were sent out at the wrong time.

I think it'd be great if they made the experience share a held item again. Also, I hope they don't over do it with the legendaries. *cough Gen 5 cough*

Knowing Nintendo, they're bound to make something original, at least by the next game...
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#3 Post by tpf » Wed Apr 20, 2016 2:32 pm

IMO 7th gen is make it or break it for the pokemon series.

So far there are two new pokemon from the looks of it, a robotic legend (Probably event-only) and a bird pokemon (I'm guessing similar in BST to other early flying type pokemon like Pidgeot, Starapor, and Talonflame (probably between 475 and 505 BST), although Talonflame, because of its Hidden ability, didn't even need its' rather high base speed).

Actually gen 3, 4, and 5 all had a similar amount of legends (10 for 3rd, 13 (Or 14 if you actually count Phione) for 4th, and 13 for 5th), if anything they didn't add enough ingame legends in gen 6 (3 ingame, 3 event; It even lacked a standard 580 BST legend trio while their two main legends were identical in base stats and Zygarde overall is rather useless compared to many other 600 BST legends, the only reason to even consider it is because of Dragon Dance, but even then Salamence easily outclasses it (Aside from Zygarde having slightly better typing and access to Superpower)).

From what I've read on what others think many believe fans/players believe they'll remove the IV system, I think that idea has more to do with how we will eventually transfer pokemon from virtual console games to 7th gen games.
I personally believe they won't remove it, without IVs all pokemon would be the same (That's where many players spend there time along along with hunting shinies, both of which are the only real valuable things in the games that people care about (Well, there are EVs, but those are easily gained since 6th gen came out)), aside from natures and it would pretty much mean the only use daycares would have would be higher shiny chance (masuda) and egg moves (Although if they removed IVs then they could just change Egg moves to Tutor moves).

Also I personally think they'll increase the chance for shinies again like they've done in the last two generations (Masuda (Better chance than in 4th gen) and shiny charm in 5th gen and all rates in 6th gen along with drastically higher rates in Friend Safari and DexNav (1/512, from just about everywhere I've read, same rate as Masuda+Shiny charm in breeding, but takes far less time and you don't even need a shiny charm for Friend Safari, not sure about DexNav) compared to regular random encounters), I wouldn't even be surprised if they've doubled the chances in 7th gen (atleast for Masuda, random encounters, and legends; although hopefully they don't shiny lock story-line legends like they did in 5th and 6th gen).

I'm also looking forward to see if they've kept with only 2 options for the main character or if they've actually increased it (I'd like to see different heights, hair color/length/style, skin color, and ages), if we're able to use the vehicles other than a bike (Cars, trucks, mopeds, motorcycles, scooters, etc.), if they've created a new place/way to hunt (Like Pokeradar in (4th/6th gen), Chain fishing (6th gen), Friend Safari (6th gen), and DexNav (6th gen)), and if they've changed or added trading methods (Like adding Wonder Trade in 6th gen, maybe they'll add an auction type of trading (Such as someone puts something up for trade, people offer, when they see an offer they like they accept))

Edit: I just realized while having someone hatch an egg for me so it would hatch shiny that in 7th gen they're likely going to change when pokemon hatch they keep their original trainer's OT/ID/SID rather than the hatcher's OT/ID/SID, if they don't then they'll have the same problem they've had in 6th gen with people using TSV/ESV's to hatch shinies.

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#4 Post by Ostrid » Thu Oct 27, 2016 9:54 pm

Totally going with that glorious Ghost/Grass starter.
Also Red/Blue.
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