Things I Want To See In Gen 7: A Realistic Wishlist

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#1 Post by Slix » Wed May 25, 2016 12:26 am

Hey everybody! I've had a list of wishlist items in my head for a while now for what I want to see in Gen 7 (and some I wanted to see in Gen 6...), so I decided now is a good time to write them up for you to hear about and give feedback on, as well as chime in with your own ideas!

3DS Features

• Better StreetPass Functionality:

There's absolutely no reason why Game Freak shouldn't take full advantage of the 3DS's StreetPass features. Some ideas I've had for this include:

• StreetPass Trading: Set a box in your PC as your "StreetPass Swap Box" and when you pass another player, one of your Pokémon and one of theirs will get swapped, as well as some information about their character in the game.

• Egg Trading Too: While we're at it, why not use the same feature for trading eggs with strangers?

• Dex Entry Swapping: Similar to what you'd expect from a Pokémon game, when you StreetPass someone, a few of your completed Dex entries get sent to each other. On the other end, they might only see the name of the Pokémon, the name and the black outline of the Pokémon, or maybe just the regular "I've seen it but not caught it yet" Dex entry for those Pokémon. It'd be like completing your Pokédex together, like it's supposed to be!

• Step Counter:

• Poké Walker: Since the Poké Walker was abandoned after HeartGold and SoulSilver, it's boggled my mind why, with the 3DS's built in step counter, Game Freak didn't add something similar to the Pokémon games. Let us add a Pokémon to our "Poké Walker" and every step we take with the 3DS it'll add one Experience Point when we open our game back up, or take it out of the Poké Walker.

• Egg Hatcher: Same idea as the Poké Walker, either add the ability to add an egg to a Step Hatcher of sorts, or use the 3DS's step counter to help hatch eggs in your party as you walk around, and then when you open the game next, it alerts you that you have an egg ready to hatch after one step (thus it acts the same as the current way of hatching eggs, where you must walk a step even if it's ready to hatch already).

Post Game Features

• Bring Back Some Type of Multiplayer Mini Game:

Gen 6 didn't really have anything like this, and it made me want to play with friends less, which shouldn't really be a surprise. Give us some type of mini game, like the Underground that was in Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, or the Entralink that was in Black/White, or the Funfest Missions that were in Black 2/White 2. Even if it was mainly a time waster, it gave us something to do with friends at parties, conventions, or just on our own if we wanted, plus it gave us some sort of benefit for doing so (Fossils and various rock-items, Pass Orbs and other various items).

• Battle Tower/Pokémon World Tournament/Black Tower/White Treehollow:

It doesn't have to necessarily be any one of these specifically, but in the same vein that we don't have any type of mini game to play with friends, in Gen 6 we also didn't have much of a Battle Tower/PWT, and especially not a system like the Black Tower/White Treehollow, where battling was unlimited, gave Experience and money, and there was no loss of anything if you lost, unlike the Battle Tower where there was no benefit if we did lose, not even Experience. Just please, Game Freak, bring a system like this back.

Gameplay Tweaks

• Easy/Hard Mode:

I know a lot of people have been yearning for this, and I can't really say I'm one of them. However, I will say it's incredibly necessary that they somehow modify the game to make it more difficult, or at least take the Exp. All out. In an interview, they said they knew that players would be playing less because that's how society is now, so they made the game easier so they could get into it quicker. However, with this, I subconsciously wanted to play the games less than before, because everything was too simple and easy. I shouldn't be overleveled 1 gym in, I shouldn't get a Lucky Egg and the Exp. All right away, and the Elite Four should be, well, Elite. Amazing. They should be hard to beat, like they were in previous games. Giving a hard mode might be the simplest solution to this for older, more experienced players, but one thing I've noticed watching my younger cousins play older Pokémon games is that they don't have much trouble beating them, just like I didn't back when I was little and played through Blue and Silver.

• Better Item Bag Sorting:

While I agree with most of what Gen 5 did to the bag, I don't like how they lumped Poké Balls in with the regular items. Bring back Gen 4's method of sorting each item in fine-grained sorted bag pockets. While you're at it, bring the Free Space back from Black 2/White 2, a "favorites" pocket of sorts, where you could assign any item in any pocket to the Free Space, and the Free Space would hold every one of those, allowing for quick access to your Lucky Egg, Leftovers, Rare Candy, Bicycle, and whatever else you wanted in there. No clue why they took that out.

• Take Out Mega Pokémon:

Ok, I know, I know, I'm not in the majority here. But while Gen 6 did a lot to balance the meta game for battling, they also did a lot to break it even more, including giving Mega Pokémon to Pokémon that didn't need them (cough, MetagrossMewtwoTyranitar, cough). If they aren't going to give each and every Pokémon a Mega Stone, they may as well take them out, since I feel that they're flawed in the current state.
If they keep them around, I at least want to see future-proof Mega Stone items for DLC Pokémon that might come later. With ORAS we saw new Mega Pokémon like Beedrill, however, this caused a problem for X and Y players, since Beedrill didn't have a Mega Stone and the data for it programmed into X and Y. The easiest solution is to check online if there's an update when connecting to the internet, and if so, prompt the user to update before battling, and if they are battling a local player, have the game check if both have items they can both use, such as a Beedrillite. In addition, if the user for some reason deletes the game update data from the SD card and tries to battle, have the new Mega Stones revert to a "Mega Mystery Stone" or something that acts as a placeholder item that can't be used for anything until they update. The future-battle system I'm proposing is essentially the same as what we saw with trading from Gold/Silver/Crystal to Red/Blue/Yellow, it checks before connecting if the player has any new Pokémon (in this case, items as well).

• Rustling Grass, Hidden Grottoes, and Seasons:

Black and White's games were amazing for finding new Pokémon in every area because they gave us many options to find different species in a single route. Rustling grass, rippling water, and dust clouds in caves were all unique ways to occasionally find more rare Pokémon that could only be found with this method, as well as items in caves.
Hidden Grottoes were yet another way to find different Pokémon in certain locations around the region, as well as items and all of the Pokémon in the Hidden Grottoes had their Hidden Ability, so that was another way to find those Pokémon.
Seasons were another nice shift, and with day/night functionality as well, it gave a vast array of Pokémon that could be found in a single route or on the water.
Keeping all of these intact, or at least adding some variant of the 3 would be greatly beneficial, especially now that we're nearing 800 Pokémon.

• Pokédex Habitat List:

The Habitat List was a feature for the Pokédex to easily see what Pokémon you still need to catch in an area, and whether you've seen or caught them all in each area. I've heard people argue that in ORAS they did a similar thing by adding the DexNav, but the issue with that is, it's not a concrete checklist type of view; instead, it randomly puts the Pokémon you can find on the bottom screen, with no way of telling if you've seen or caught them all in an area before you already caught them, and it doesn't separate easily the grass, surfing, and fishing Pokémon that are able to be caught.
Bring back the simple, clean interface that Black 2 an White 2 had, please.


I'm sure I have more I can't think of right now, so I'll add them when I do, but for now, let me know what you think, and what you want to see!


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#2 Post by diarkia124 » Thu Jun 09, 2016 3:24 am

Honestly, I really want a Dark Type gym and a Battle Frontier. If those two things are implemented in a nice way, I'll call this game good.

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#3 Post by LanceTheRiolu » Sat Jul 16, 2016 7:14 pm

If they bring back anything from the older games, it should be the ability to have your lead Pokémon walk with you. I absolutely loved walking around with Pokémon in Soulsilver. The Pokéwalker was pretty good too.

I'll put more later if I remember to.

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#4 Post by Nitra999 » Sat Aug 06, 2016 12:23 pm

LanceTheRiolu wrote:If they bring back anything from the older games, it should be the ability to have your lead Pokémon walk with you.
I agree.
Sorry for my mad mess!

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#5 Post by tpf » Fri Aug 12, 2016 10:49 am

6vs6 random wifi battles (3vs3 is rather pointless/boring since it's usually more about luck than strategy)

Also being able to use the 'nub' (second c-stick) to look around would be incredible :D (kinda annoying only being able to look in one direction while walking)

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