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Poké Pelago

Posted: Thu Dec 08, 2016 9:28 pm
by Slix
Who's explored this so far? I really like the functionality of Poké Pelago.

I've used all the features of it already, and my favorite by far is the Isle Evelup, for raising Pokémon, and Isle Aphun is great for finding items such as shards, evolution stones, and rare items to sell like Nuggets. I've also heard rumors (and I tried it, but not to the full extent, by putting an egg in there for a moment to see if it would allow me to) that Isle Avue can be used to hatch eggs over a certain period of time. I haven't discovered how long it is, or if it's a set time per step or something, but if anyone learns how it works, please post it here! Isle Avue can also be used to raise happiness for Pokémon, but again, there isn't an obvious indicator of how long a Pokémon needs to be in there to have it work.

Edit: I've done a little testing. After approximately 3 full days of time with 6 Cyndaquil eggs (eggs that take about 5,120 egg steps to hatch) in Isle Avue, they were ready to hatch. I added Poké Beans to the crate on the Isle twice during this time, for only a few hours of effects each time. In addition, my Isle was only level 1 during this brief unofficial test. I'll post when I discover more!

Edit 2: After putting in 6 more Cyndaquil eggs and without putting any Poké Beans in this time, and upgrading my Isle Avue to level 2, it took around 30 hours, or a day and a half, to hatch the eggs.

Edit 3: I upgraded my Isle Avue to level 3 and put 12 Cyndaquil eggs in there, and just over 24 hours later, they all were ready to hatch.

Here's a bit more info on each of the Isles:

Re: Poké Pelago

Posted: Sat Dec 17, 2016 11:17 pm
by Felkyr
I've been enjoying it, though I think I won't have as many reasons to explore the islands post-game now that I can do everything in the Poke Pelago or Festival Plaza. I've berry fields active around the clock, as well as Pokemon searching for evolution-stones and training to raise their EVs. There's certainly a lot of idle-gaming features there, which is supposed to help you become more addicted.

Re: Poké Pelago

Posted: Fri Dec 22, 2017 2:39 pm
by crashinggg
I love the new USUM change where they made the transition with moving pokemon in and out of Isle Levelup (I think that is the name I'm gathering this from my memory) a lot easier, you do not have to move them in and out of your party on the island and you can just put them right back in! It's a small change, but a big improvement from what they had before.