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#1 Post by bezo93 » Sat Jul 22, 2017 4:13 pm

I don't know if this has been suggested before, but I was thinking it would be fun to see some achievement badges on Poliwager. Achievements are a tried and tested way of keeping user's engaged and coming back for more - we all like collecting our virtual shinies :p
I was thinking of something with a bronze/silver/gold/platinum ranking (and a few stand alone acheivements), possibly with reaching platinum giving some sort of reward, such as unique decorations that can only be obtained by getting the platinum badges (though the possible prizes are just a side-idea; I'm not sure if it would be more work than it is worth to add them).

The badge ideas I had are (numbers are just placeholder figures; more appropriate numbers are best made by someone who has been a member longer than a few months):

Stand Alone Badges:

Shiny Detective: Find the first shiny of a species
Starter Collector: Have all the starter pokemon
Starter Master: Have the fully evolved forms of all the starter pokemon
Fast Hatcher: Be the first to hatch a new pokemon species

Ranked Badges (Bronze - Silver - Gold - Platinum):

Egg Warmer: Hatch 50 eggs
Nest Sitter: Hatch 100 eggs
Mother Hen: Hatch 500 eggs
Hatchery Master: Hatch 1000 eggs
(Possible Prize: Togepi Doll)

Pokemon Enthusiast: 25% complete
Pokemon Lover: 50% complete
Pokemon Collector: 75% complete
Pokemon Professor: 100% complete
(Possible Prize: Game System Decoration)

Magpie: 1 shiny pokemon
Shiny Collector: 5 shiny pokemon
Shiny Hunter: 10 shiny pokemon
Shiny Rainbow: 50 shiny pokemon
(Possible Prize: Colourful Plant Decoration)

Berry Nice: Grow 50 berries
Gardener: Grow 100 berries
Green Thumb: Grow 200 berries
Pomologist: Grow 500 berries
(Possible Prize: Berry Tree in Berry Pot Decoration)

Visitor: Click 1,000 pokemon/eggs belonging to other people
Friendly Neighbour: Click 5,000 pokemon/eggs belonging to other people
Here to Help: Click 10,000 pokemon/eggs belonging to other people
Pillar of the Community: Click 50,000 pokemon/eggs belonging to other people
(Possible Prize: Globe Decoration)

Poster Presses:
What Does This Button Do?: 1 press
Button Pusher: 100 presses
Button Masher: 500 presses
Button Destroyer: 1,000 presses
(Possible Prize: Game Corner Poster Decoration)

Take a Dip: 1 dive
Swim Like a Magikarp: 100 dives
Deep Sea Explorer: 500 dives
Wailord of the Seas: 1,000 dives
(Possible Prize: Wailord Doll)

Blue Flute: Collect 250 soot
White Flute: Collect 1,000 soot
Elegant Crafter: Collect 14,000 soot
Have a Lava Cookie: Collect 100,000 soot
(Possible prize: Lava Cookie Mat)

Grocery Shopper: Buy 1 item
Retail therapy: Buy 10 items
Super Shopper: But 50 items
Poke Mart Conesuier: Buy 100 items
(Possible Prize: Meowth Doll)

Amateur Trainer: 1 lvl100 pokemon
Gym Leader: 10 lvl100 pokemon
Elite Four: 50 lvl 100 pokemon
Pokemon Master: 100 lvl 100 pokemon
(Possible Prize: Gym Statue Decoration)

Huh, It's an Egg: Breed 1 egg
Day Care Patron: Breed 10 eggs
Pokemon Breeder: Breed 50 eggs
Day Care Director: Breed 100 eggs
(Posible Prize: Happiny Doll)

LegenDARY: 1 legendary
Legendary Trio: 3 legendaries
Legendary Master: 10 legendaries
Arceus: 20 legendaries
(Possible Prize: Regi Doll)

These are just the ones I thought of so far. Feel free to suggest others (or better names for ones already suggested).
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#2 Post by Slix » Tue Jul 25, 2017 2:10 pm

I really like this idea! I don't know how some of them would work (and how the badges themselves would be awarded, code-wise), but I think there could be some work put into this as a possible idea in the future, for sure. Know, however, that if these ever are implemented, the final tier of the badges/achievements will have much much higher requirements, to make people really strive for them. :D

Any other similar ideas would be greatly appreciated. :)

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